Critics have definitely taken note:

Live Brazilian Music: Teka at Vibrato Grill Jazz…etc.“The smooth sounds of the Brazilian born singer-guitarist and her New Bossa Band filled the air of Herb Alpert’s cozy and elegantly appointed club in Bel Air. Téka is sensational. Her set list offered a wide variety of Brazilian jazz with songs sung in both Portuguese and English. Téka’s arrangements and adaptations are uniquely her own and her voice and the band synced up the way every band hopes for.The International Review of Music by James Defrances

 Live Music: Téka And The New Bossa Trio At The Gardenia Restaurant and Lounge“The sensually hypnotic mood was set from the first note on Téka’s acoustic guitar. Her right hand comping was delicate and on par with a master jazz guitarist. Her rich vocal vibrato and tender yet powerful phrasing brought to mind some of the great instrumentalists in jazz history. Hearing Téka’s voice, I wondered how much better Stan Getz would have played if he had lived to hear her. Téka’s ability to alter melodies and arrangements to fit her unique Bossa style was jaw dropping.” The International review of Music by Devon Wendell

Lovers of the classic bossa nova should be aware of Téka... "The Southern California-based singer has a very warm and quietly expressive voice and is also a fine guitarist. She is heard in top form throughout her new release So Many Stars. Téka excels in the intimate settings. She sounds wonderful....” Los Angeles Jazz Scene by Scott Yanow

 Téka Blends Guitar Skills With Her Velvety Vocals: “… a fine guitarist with a velvety sounding voice… an innate musicality that touched every aspect of her performance.  Like João Gilberto, she brought everything into a unified expression, combining her vocal lines and rhythmic guitar accompaniments into a distinct buoyant musical blend.” Los Angeles Times by Don Heckman

Santa Barbara’s Brazilian ambassador: “Brazilian singer-guitarist Téka is one of Santa Barbara’s luminous musical citizens.” Santa Barbara News- Press by Josef Woodard

What’s shakin'? "Téka, world - class Brazilian Vocalist/Guitarist at Lunaria and Spazio: “Everything she does sounds so easy and comfortably centered, even though much of it is actually very difficult in terms of chops and focus. For example, the extraordinary guitar playing with which she accompanies her vocals and the easy control she exerts over her beautifully textured, lyrical voice. Her intonation is right on and her time is impeccable; she swings gently and it feels exhilarating to the listener”. L.A. Jazz Scene by Stanley Naftaly

“Téka, concentrating on music of her native Brazil, was simply put, awesome. Having a naturally vivacious stage presence, she had an easy way of evoking the inherent beauty of the samba, handling its irresistible rhythmic flow with style and grace and inflecting its Three women in Jazz at Santa Barbara Victoria Hall:song’s poetic lyrics with just the right nuances, whether performed in English or Portuguese. A well-rounded, polished musician, Téka demonstrates that she is equally adept as a guitarist as she is a singer”. L.A. Jazz Scene by Russell Arthur Roberts

Brazilian Songstress:” Center stage, without making a point of it, Téka showed herself to be in possession of a warm and wonderful voice, refreshingly understated but also confident in its assertions. In addition to a set list of Brazilian tunes, she also served up a slow, sumptuous version of ‘And I love her’ that closed the gap between Beatles-esque and Rio-esque. She lays out melodies and nuances at an unhurried pace. The material is often deceptively simple, swerving to unexpected harmonic places. A good Brazilian vocalist makes eccentricities (by state standards) sound perfectly natural, and excites interest by virtue of both technical grace and subtle improvisatory derring-do. Téka does that and more”. The Independent by Josef Woodard

Oratorio Chorale and Canto General Featuring Contralto Téka Penteriche: “There was a mellow, chanting quality to Téka Penteriche’s singing. She had an effective and subtle simplicity in her approach. In the opening “Agunas Bestias” she alternated wonderful drive with stirring mystery.” Santa Barbara News Press by Hillary Houser

“Téka and Páris provided an engaging sound with a delightful blend of percussion twists. Singing mostly in Portuguese, Téka’s enunciation was exquisite; even those unfamiliar with the language could make out every word. Her incisive rhythm guitar; bassist Páris’ fluid, tactful lines; the ferociously cooperative groove from percussion and drums; and harmonies from a pair of flutes combined to form an ideal backup for her sensual vocals. This group is taking Brazilian music to a new level; they are clearly one of Boston’s best and brightest.” Rhythm Music Monthly by Kyle  Russel and Will Rapp